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söndag 29 april 2012

Quick uppdate and dreams about terrain


Sorry no pictures this weekend because of life coming in the way, or in Anders the younger's case a cottage.

But we got some things done:

I have now finished the 24 line infantry you have seen in the WIP pictures so now there is only 18 models left to be done in the Bardin brigade. I have also started with two test figures for a Legre brigade and the result looks promising.

Anders the younger have started basing the West Prussian grenadier battalion and finished the assembling of 11 more Prussian Hussars, He just need to get some green stuffing done.

We have done some talking and decided to start with the table this month. I went down to the game store today and picked up a Games workshop citadel battlemat. We also have put in an order for 28 woodland scenic 3-6 inch trees and a lot of foilage, and silfor tufts.

The plan with the table is to make it very modular and well go into the details of that later but basically the plan is this:

Trees and Hedges
Roads, hills and rivers
Large farm house

So stay tuned in.


Anders the elder

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