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fredag 23 augusti 2013

Not miniatures!


I just wanted to share with you some pictures from my visit to museum Musée des canonniers from my recent trip to France.

If you want to see pictures from the museum relating to the second empire tell me and Ill put them up.

Anders the elder

One complete 4pdr horse artillery cannon, Only three are left in the world and two are at this museum 
Shakos, If anyone have any information about the one with a rooster i would be very happy

Officer saber 

Note the top sword with a rooster pommel, according to the plaque it was a private commission for a sappuer

fredag 2 augusti 2013

Légère skirmish elements

In Republic to empire a light battalion of 32 men can be in either in limited (4 skirmish bases)/half (8 skirmish bases)/full deployment (12 skirmish bases). For varity I'm going to make my skirmish bases as a mix of flank and line companies.

I have another six bases as wip and we will also use theese bases for Sharpes practice.


Anders the elder

torsdag 1 augusti 2013

Finished converted prussian Schützen


To get things going before the autumn season starts, with increased activity, I wish to present my finished prussian Schützen! This battalion represents one of two in the prussian army and I will use it as an avant garde for my infantry battalions. The models are all Perry miniatures, plastic volunteer jägers slightly converted and painted with black cuffs, turnbacks and collars with red piping. I have also added a metal bugler from the prussian skirmishing fusilier command on one of the bases. Of course a special battalion like this needs someone to blow the jägerhorn! Hopefully these men will be able to make up for some of my lack of light troops.

Armed with rifles this unit will be sharpshooting, picking of french ordinances, officers and cheese-vendors.

Converted officer and NCO.

The mixed headgear is supposed to give a more experienced look. These soldiers have found their style through campaigning.

Schützen and trumpeter.

All geared up and on the move!

More to come at a later date! In the mean time, have a nice time and game on!


Anders the younger.

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