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tisdag 18 december 2012

End of the year report - Republic to Empire


Now when we both have mustered one infantry brigade each we can start trying out the rules and mechanics of Republic to Empire. In this first battle we saw an infantry brigade compromised of four infantry battalions. With limited cavalry support of one squadron. Facing of in the fields of Sachsen.

Although sometimes the game mechanics were a bit hard to follow, we still find the rules to provide a fun and interesting experience which match our (slightly romanticised) view of the battles of the Napoleonic wars. The Order system forces you to think ahead and also focus on the logistics of battle. It can easily become hard to deploy or make movements if slight mistakes are made early on. And battalions can be immobilised if something goes wrong.

Our battle began with a hard French right hook that pushed the Prussian infantry back. Later, the Prussian hussars managed to get around the French left flank, attacking the rear of the infantry brigade. This led to the disintegration of the French forces on that bloody day.

We know now, after the battle, that we made a few mistakes and misread the rules on occasion. It was, however a really fun battle containing cinematic events. Such as the French line infantry climbing over the hedge and walking steadily across the mud field, under fire from Prussian Landwehr. Or the massive French attack columns breaking the 1st Silesian infantry battalion, forcing them into a fighting retreat. Our initial plans were quickly swept from the table as the battle soon got a life of its own. We consider this to be the greatest strength of this ruleset. We look forward to future divisional engagements!

Right now, Anders the younger is finished with the line infantry of his Silesian regiment, and starting in January he will move on to fusiliers, more Landwehr and cavalry. Some smaller detachments of Jägers or skirmishers as well as officers will also be prioritised. Anders the elder will start on a light infantry regiment, line artillery and a few surprises...

Until next time, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New year!

As Anders the elder have been testing R2E, we first did a test round to show Anders the younger some mechanics.

We decided that both brigades would march unto the battlefield in march columns to simulate a meeting engagement battle

Anders the elder preparing his French for the attack while the 2nd Silesian regiment manoeuvres

Prussian Silesian grenadiers and landwehr

French infantry on the offensive

The Prussians having trouble deploying and being checked by French dragoons watch uneasily as only two of their battalions stand in line the face the entire French brigade!

The 2nd Silesian hussar squadron has routed on French infantry battalion and now prepares itself to take on the dragoons.

torsdag 6 december 2012

Proud Prussians - Divisional work in progress

Guten Tag!

My prussian forces are growing steadily and after trying Republic to Empire I have become more keen on painting all of my infantry to see them charge the french lines in blue-black glory. Here are some pictures of what I am currently working with.

Another batalion of Silesian musketeers finished. Soon the whole regiment is done!

These will soon be put together as the fusilier batalion of my Silesians. The look of this unit will be a bit different.

Landwehr Command, zu Fuß. To use when playing Republic to Empire.

Two patrolling Grenadiers. To be used as either skirmishers or as markers for scenarios.

Landwehr drummers for my finished Landwehr batalion.

Do not despair. There is more to come. Trust me!
Please leave your comments and questions!


Anders the younger

onsdag 5 december 2012

Fabulous French - Brigade command

Hello wargamers.

Another update with Anders the elders progress on his french division. Furthermore, we have now tried Republic to Empire to get to know the rules. In the future we will be updating Ploughshares to Swords with battlereports and many pictures! Here are some new, and known french officers. As well as a little tease!

Command for the greatcoat brigade

Adjutant sous-officier

By the end of january my first Légère battalion will be finished

Barding brigade command

I think this is one of my favourite napoleonic miniatures.

I added a plume from a plastic hussar to give him some more flavour.

Légère carabiniers drummers on the march

Please leave your comments and questions!


Anders the younger

söndag 11 november 2012

Swedish napoleonic reenacting

Hello all!

I thought that would share a video of our last reenactment of light infantry skirmishes outside of Uppsala from october. Me and some friends from our reenacting group here in Umeå went down in our russian uniforms to give the swedes a beating. This is filmed from the russian perspective, except from the ending when our camera man was captured! The link will open up in a new window.


Anders the younger

lördag 10 november 2012

2nd Silesian Hussars Work in progress


Recently I have been quite busy with historical reenacting and visting lovely Bavaria. However, here comes an update on the 6th regiment Hussars, or the 2nd Silesian! Some pictures of the first squadron:

From left to right: Trompeter, Offizier, Freiwillige Jäger, two hussars and Unteroffizier

Most of the hussars are wearing covered shakos. The freiwillige Jäger is wearing a Feldmütze.  Note that  only the jäger has a cover on his sabretache. I wanted to have some colour and "prunk" (splendour) so other than the sabretaches they are in campaign dress.

The converted caparison (horse furniture) came out quite well! 
Next cavalry project will be the Silesian national cavalry. Basically functioning like hussars, similarly equipped - to support my infantry brigades.


Anders the younger

onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Road to perdition and Fields of mud

Hello again,

An quick uppdate on the terrain that will give life to our 1,22m x 2,44m table and I would really like to hear your feedback on it.

I had some real problems with finding a good base material for roads as I needed something not to thick and that was easy to work with. After a bit of trial and error I settled on 3mm cork tile with spackling paste for texture.

The road measures 18cm long and 5 cm wide

March column
Then we have some simple ploughed field meausring 18x18 cm.


Anders the elder

måndag 24 september 2012

Prussian mounted colonels

Hello fellow wargamers!

Here is another update with pictures. This time three of my finished prussian mounted colonels. Moreover, I am also painting two battalions of silesian musketeers right now while I wait for several orders to come in. Ardous work, but necessary. Right now the two assembled battalions are in three stages of painting. The first battalion is halfway done, with the other half basecoated in blue, grey and browns. The second battalion is just blue and grey so far. I'm trying out a new painting technique consisting of mounting half of the battalion on a stick, painting them, then moving on to the next stick. This is just to be more effective when I sit down to paint. I will remember to show you next update!

I am currently scouting for my divisional (prussian brigade) command. I might place an order from Calpe miniatures next month. However, I have alot do do until then. An early october trip to Stockholm, or rather Kungsängen - the Swedish Royal Life Guards practice area, to reenact woodland skirmishes between russian and swedish/finnish troops in the war of 1808-1809. Later in october I will go to Bavaria for a week to get a break from my historical studies at the university and to experience wonderful german culture. Hurra!

Without further ado, here are the gentlemen:

All together. These colonels will get aides as well, in the same way as Anders the elders officers.

The colonel for my grenadier detachment. Quite heroic!

I may have mentioned it before, but I am really satisfied with how the sash came out.

In the future I will have to update my order of battle and see where this man ends up. Maybe in a cavalry detachment.

A lot of movement in this model. What do you say? Cavalry?

You have met him before, here is a better picture of the finished Landwehr detachments colonel.

With the beautiful prussian blue and silesian yellow. Reminds me of home...

Until next time, please leave your comments and share your thoughts with us.


Anders the younger

måndag 17 september 2012

French Divisional command Diorama


Here comes another update on our forces. This time Anders the elders Divisional command! As well as a finished brigade general and ADC, and légère voltigeurs. We hope that you will enjoy them. Please, feel free to comment and ask us any questions.

Behold Anders the elders Divisional command!

Adjutant on the lookout...

A birds eye view.

Detail of the 4th Lancer captain and general de divsion.

The belgian bloodhound is sniffing out the foe.

Bicornes... everywhere!

General de brigade and Aid de camp

Légère voltigeurs, scouting ahead.

Running along to fetch the onions.

More to come in the near future!


Anders the younger

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