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torsdag 5 april 2012

Landwehr; an alternative solution

Happy Easter!

Landwehr, being one of the most typically prussian troops during the Napoleonic wars is something that needs special attention. When I started building my first Landwehr battalion the Perry brothers hadn't released their metal landwehr and I was and am still not impressed by the Warlord plastics.

Me and Anders talked it over, as we usually do and discussed the possible solutions. As we did the research on the landwehr we found that the classic blue litewka might not have been as universal as some would claim. Considering this and my wish to differentiate my landwehr from the blue line infantry I decided to go the great coats to give rag-tag campaign look. After the dust settled I did some serious kitbashing and came up with a pleasing result.

Using the Perry french line infantry in great coats as a base I used the forage cap heads from the Perry prussians. For variety I also converted the french heads that came with the models. I would cut off the shako above the brim and finished by making the cloth top with green stuff. To make them look a bit more rag-tag I mixed the backpacks and cartridge boxes from Perry and Victrix. Anders the elder got bored and gave some of them nice facial hair to give them a more rugged look.

Different coloured coats and buttons make them look more unregimental and civilian. They blend in well with the line infantry but still look distinctive. This base is a part of my first finished landwehr battalion, out of the planned three.


Anders the younger

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  1. Svar
    1. Hej,

      Det är väldigt simpel men fungerar extremt bra om jag får säga det själv. Det kommer nog komma upp några bilder på den första färdiga enheten nu i helgen så håll ögonen öppna.


      Anders D.Ä


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