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söndag 11 november 2012

Swedish napoleonic reenacting

Hello all!

I thought that would share a video of our last reenactment of light infantry skirmishes outside of Uppsala from october. Me and some friends from our reenacting group here in Umeå went down in our russian uniforms to give the swedes a beating. This is filmed from the russian perspective, except from the ending when our camera man was captured! The link will open up in a new window.


Anders the younger

lördag 10 november 2012

2nd Silesian Hussars Work in progress


Recently I have been quite busy with historical reenacting and visting lovely Bavaria. However, here comes an update on the 6th regiment Hussars, or the 2nd Silesian! Some pictures of the first squadron:

From left to right: Trompeter, Offizier, Freiwillige Jäger, two hussars and Unteroffizier

Most of the hussars are wearing covered shakos. The freiwillige Jäger is wearing a Feldmütze.  Note that  only the jäger has a cover on his sabretache. I wanted to have some colour and "prunk" (splendour) so other than the sabretaches they are in campaign dress.

The converted caparison (horse furniture) came out quite well! 
Next cavalry project will be the Silesian national cavalry. Basically functioning like hussars, similarly equipped - to support my infantry brigades.


Anders the younger

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