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fredag 31 augusti 2012

Our work in progress, early september

What ho!

Another update on our work in progress. We have a lot going on!

Glorious mounted prussian officers, still some details left to do.

From another angle, showing the sashes I'm quite satisfied with.

Hussars! Soon to be based and polished.

Here showing the officer with distinct white pelisse, and the freiwillige jäger at his side.

Anders the elders current project. Infanterie Légère! The pompons and plumes are not done as you can see. If I remember correctly I'll be expecting a brigade of these strapping lads.

More prussian musketeers! Soon I will recieve an additional box of Perrys plastic prussians. This means  that I will set up another regiment consisting of two battalions of musketeers and one battalion of fusiliers (light infantry). I lean toward setting up the Silesian regiment.

The colours says it all. These boys mean business! The heads are from the Perry plastic french hussars. As you can see above I used regular oilskin-covered prussian shako-heads for my hussars, which meant that Anders the elder could embellish his flank companies.

A possible setup of Anders the elders divisional command stand. Just to tease you!

Thank you for checking in on us! More to come in the near future...


Anders the younger

torsdag 16 augusti 2012

End of summer update *Edited*

 Hello everyone!

At last me and Anders are back from a summer of work. I have had a great two months working at the Royal Court, at the Royal Palace in Stockholm and the Riddarholm cathedral to be more precise. On my spare time I've been occupied with planning historical reenacting and enjoying the swedish summer 700 kilometers south of our headquarters in Umeå. Anders the elder has been working at a local pre-school and trying out a game called Dropzone commander. Now when I have returned we immediately continued with our napoelonics project. This means that you will hear alot more from us in the future.

I am currently working on my first squadron of the 2nd Silesian hussars, putting the first coats of paint on them after the convertions. I've also glued together an additional two battalions of musketeers that are to be basecoated next time i sit down with my prussians. Anders the elder has been productive when it comes to terrain. Many hedges and trees have been finished the last week and his next project is french light infantry in nice all-blue uniforms. 

We both look forward to a great and productive autumn and hope that you will enjoy our progress!

Kindest regards,

Anders the younger

Edit: As it has been requested, some pictures showing that it happened:

Anders the younger, 2010, Officer of the Royal Västerbotten regiment of foot, in the uniform used during the Finnish war/Russo-Swedish war of 1808-1809. Note the similarity between the "Swedish hat" and early Napoleonic austrian headgear.

Every morning and afternoon I walked the streets of Old town, to and from work. Here is one of the many beautiful 17th century alleys, the Great church obscured by the morning mist.
View from the Royal apartments. The outer courtyard, the Great church on the left, and further away to the right the Riddarholm church, housing Gustavus Adolphus the Great, Charles XII and the napoleonic french marshal and first Bernadotte king of Sweden, Jean Baptiste or as he would later be known: Charles XIV Johan.
One of my afternoon breaks at the Royal Palace. The keys to the Royal chapel.

A picture of the palace garden, called Logården in swedish. Translated it would be "The Lynx yard". Note His Majestys monogram in the flowerbeds!

Every day during summer the changing of the guards at the Royal palace attracts hundreds of visitors. All regiments have to do their duty as Högvakt, or High guard in english. A favourite of mine are the Royal Life-Dragoons, their mounted band pictured above, riding over the North bridge and around the palace toward the outer courtyard. The kettledrums on the leading north-swedish horse are from Charles XII's reign (early 18th century).
I visited the Army museum to see their new exhibition, "Food for an army". Interestingly enough they had a Royal Life-Dragoons uniform from the Napoleonic wars on display! At last we come full circle, back to the Napoleonic era!

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