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torsdag 5 april 2012

French Line Dragoons


These dragoons were the first models I painted for my division which resulted in a different painting style than the rest. I don't think that anyone except me will notice the difference, but used this unit to learn how to paint again. As painting napoleonics is different to the painting style I was used to I had to figure out new ways to be effective but still get a good result.

As you could read in Anders the younger post about hussars my cavalry force will consist of Line Dragoons and Cuirassiers. I chose the 20th regiment of Line Dragoons because I really like the combination of green and yellow and I wanted to paint one that is not as usual.

Instead of having a guidon in my cavalry command bases I decided to do something different. As you can see I added a converted mounted sappeur to spice it up. Also I used the head of an elite company soldier for my officer to get the mustache and plume fitting a french gentleman.

I build all my cavalry to look like they are charging or closing as I feel it fits my aggressive playstyle.

As an easter egg here is a treat of Cuirassiers. An interesting thing to note is that I paint them as I paint my infantry, only excluding the final highlight of enchanted blue. I find the darker jackets more intimidating.


Anders the elder

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