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torsdag 5 april 2012

Peacocks and Sparrows


One of the aspects of the Napoleonic armies are the great differences in style between the gallant french and harsh prussians. 

The command sections of our brigades/detachments will consist of a General de Brigade, Aide de camp and Colonel, and Oberst, Feldjäger and Staff officer, respectively. These will be based on 50mm Warmachine bases. In R2E the General/Oberst will be the commander, while the Colonel/Feldjäger will count as an "officer" making him able to join combats but having no command radius or command points. The Aide de camp/Staff officer is there to look good until the General/Oberst meet an untimely end. If that happens he will be replaced according to the R2E rules, with the Aide de camp/Staff officer.

When the brigade is finished this rugged gentleman will be the Oberst commanding the Silesian Landwehr detachment.

The Oberst comfortable in his "Kleine uniform" (campaign uniform). I did not use silver for his sash, instead I went with light grey, white and black stripes.

You might have seen this one earlier in a WIP post. Here is a better picture. An aspect of this model I'm proud of the gold, and there's alot of it!

This General will be the commander of my brigade wearing the Bardin regulation uniform.

I wanted to do something different with the horse for my cavalry commanders and officers I will try to do grey or white horses. A thing that I think makes this model pop is the light blue and golden sash.

This is the Aide de camp for the above pictured General. A bit of a dandy with his leopard skin horse furniture and good looks.

Not to mention his fabulous red boots with white trim and tassles. An interesting detail for french ADC's is the coloured armband denoting the rank of the General they serve. In this case light blue for a General de Brigade.

Kindest regards,

Anders and Anders

5 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful figures and a nice blog, I have paced a link from my blog, I will watch with interest.


  2. Wow, you've been busy!

    I love the progress you're making with these beautiful figures.

  3. Thank you both very much! I'm very happy to see the progress myself. It really motivates me to continue painting.

    Me and Anders the elder have discussed what to share with you next and we think that you will appreciate it.


    Anders the younger

  4. Some lovely stuff here; I especially like the Landwher conversions. I look forward to more posts...


    1. Good to hear that you like it. There will soon be pictures of my first Silesian Landwehr battalion.


      Anders the younger


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