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onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Road to perdition and Fields of mud

Hello again,

An quick uppdate on the terrain that will give life to our 1,22m x 2,44m table and I would really like to hear your feedback on it.

I had some real problems with finding a good base material for roads as I needed something not to thick and that was easy to work with. After a bit of trial and error I settled on 3mm cork tile with spackling paste for texture.

The road measures 18cm long and 5 cm wide

March column
Then we have some simple ploughed field meausring 18x18 cm.


Anders the elder

3 kommentarer:

  1. Very nice !

    We have used OH plastic to make rivers and roads...and it work:)

    like the ploued field, what did you use? door mat?

    Best regards Michael

    1. The field is some cardboard product that comes pre flocke and painted. sadly I can't remembere the name for it.

      Anders the elder


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