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måndag 24 september 2012

Prussian mounted colonels

Hello fellow wargamers!

Here is another update with pictures. This time three of my finished prussian mounted colonels. Moreover, I am also painting two battalions of silesian musketeers right now while I wait for several orders to come in. Ardous work, but necessary. Right now the two assembled battalions are in three stages of painting. The first battalion is halfway done, with the other half basecoated in blue, grey and browns. The second battalion is just blue and grey so far. I'm trying out a new painting technique consisting of mounting half of the battalion on a stick, painting them, then moving on to the next stick. This is just to be more effective when I sit down to paint. I will remember to show you next update!

I am currently scouting for my divisional (prussian brigade) command. I might place an order from Calpe miniatures next month. However, I have alot do do until then. An early october trip to Stockholm, or rather Kungsängen - the Swedish Royal Life Guards practice area, to reenact woodland skirmishes between russian and swedish/finnish troops in the war of 1808-1809. Later in october I will go to Bavaria for a week to get a break from my historical studies at the university and to experience wonderful german culture. Hurra!

Without further ado, here are the gentlemen:

All together. These colonels will get aides as well, in the same way as Anders the elders officers.

The colonel for my grenadier detachment. Quite heroic!

I may have mentioned it before, but I am really satisfied with how the sash came out.

In the future I will have to update my order of battle and see where this man ends up. Maybe in a cavalry detachment.

A lot of movement in this model. What do you say? Cavalry?

You have met him before, here is a better picture of the finished Landwehr detachments colonel.

With the beautiful prussian blue and silesian yellow. Reminds me of home...

Until next time, please leave your comments and share your thoughts with us.


Anders the younger

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looking real good!

    I agree the second mini would make for a nice cavalry officer (or a staff officer if he was not based individually).

  2. I'm pestering Anders the younger to order some calpe moubnted offices to finish his regimental commands but he is dedicated to painting line infantry right now. ;)

    Anders the older


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