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måndag 17 september 2012

French Divisional command Diorama


Here comes another update on our forces. This time Anders the elders Divisional command! As well as a finished brigade general and ADC, and légère voltigeurs. We hope that you will enjoy them. Please, feel free to comment and ask us any questions.

Behold Anders the elders Divisional command!

Adjutant on the lookout...

A birds eye view.

Detail of the 4th Lancer captain and general de divsion.

The belgian bloodhound is sniffing out the foe.

Bicornes... everywhere!

General de brigade and Aid de camp

Légère voltigeurs, scouting ahead.

Running along to fetch the onions.

More to come in the near future!


Anders the younger

6 kommentarer:

  1. Great.
    I realy like the motion of those Legere

  2. Well done, I really like the divisional stand.


  3. lovely figures and lovely bases! by the way where do you buy your bases from?

    1. Hi they are 120mm and 50mm froglipped bases from privateer press.

  4. Looking good! I really like thenaddition of the dog. Done that before with one of my British command bases as well.

    The GdB looks a bit like he is about to drop out of his sadlle though.


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