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onsdag 5 december 2012

Fabulous French - Brigade command

Hello wargamers.

Another update with Anders the elders progress on his french division. Furthermore, we have now tried Republic to Empire to get to know the rules. In the future we will be updating Ploughshares to Swords with battlereports and many pictures! Here are some new, and known french officers. As well as a little tease!

Command for the greatcoat brigade

Adjutant sous-officier

By the end of january my first Légère battalion will be finished

Barding brigade command

I think this is one of my favourite napoleonic miniatures.

I added a plume from a plastic hussar to give him some more flavour.

Légère carabiniers drummers on the march

Please leave your comments and questions!


Anders the younger

5 kommentarer:

  1. Very nice painting !!!

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thank you Michael, I been following your Dux Suecia project and will soon start somethin similar ;)

      Regards, Anders the elder

  2. Good stuff! Looking forward to see them in action.

    1. Hi Mattias, Me too :p Both me and Anders the younger will have some more free time starting January so we will acaully be able to have some fights.

      Regards, Anders the elder


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