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tisdag 27 mars 2012

Preparing for War

Our goal when gathering our forces is to have one reinforced division (Prussian brigade) each. We are planning to use the Republic to Empire rules and we will give you more of our thoughts  about this system at a later date.

As the basis for organising our forces we are using the army builder guide from League of Augsburg for 1814. We are also drawing inspiration from the actual orders of battle for the campaign around Dresden and Leipzig. When building our armies we decided that we wanted to have them focused on the ordinary soldiers and not on the elite units. This is where Republic to Empire works well. With its unit rating system we can still field interesting and unique units without resolving to issuing “Guard”-status to regular troops.

We won’t go into the details of constructing a Prussian brigade for Republic to Empire as the Befreiungskriege blog has already provided an excellent guide for it. The French infantry division is much more simple to fit into the Republic to Empire system. For future reference and to show you the general idea of the army organization and painting progress for the Prussian brigade and the French division we will post our Orders of battle, respectively.


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