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tisdag 27 mars 2012

Background and Mission statement

Welcome to Ploughshares to Swords!

We are two second cousins from the north of Sweden who happen to have the same name and the same interests. Our separate wargaming careers began in the early 2000’s. Anders Agdahl the elder got interested in Warhammer Fantasy battles after seeing a Perry-sculped metal Bretonnian man-at-arms. Anders Agdahl the younger also got interested in WFB after seeing a Perry-sculped plastic Bretonnian knight of the realm. Years passed and Games Workshop went further away from the historical style so we parted ways after many years of gaming.

Anders the younger 1st Silesian Grenadier battalion

The historical wargaming began when Anders the younger started an American Civil War 28mm project with a few Flames of War-players from the local gaming club, using primarily the miniatures from the Perry brothers. When the ACW project was winding down Anders the elder moved back to Umeå from another town and he decided to pick up wargaming again. This coincided with the release of plastic Napoleonic models. As we both have been interested in the Napoleonic era before this was a golden opportunity for us to start a project set during the German war of liberation 1813-1814.

Anders the elder 3rd battalion infantrie de ligne

This blog is not going to focus only on the Napoleonic era. Our interest in history and wargaming is broader and we have plans that involve other periods, settings and scales. We hope that this blog will provide interesting reading, show that there is historical wargaming going on in northern Sweden, help to keep us motivated and maybe provide inspiration for others interested in the hobby.
We hope that you will enjoy this project with us and we look forward to your participation.

Kindest regards,

Anders the younger, Anders the elder

2 kommentarer:

  1. Excellent blog and an excellent start!
    We are a few friends from Stockholm that has made a very similar journey - leaving GW (well not completely), starting with historicals and starting a blog.
    One of our fields of interest are Napoleonics and just like you we will focus on the befreingskriege.
    It will be great to follow your progress!

  2. Thank you,

    Nice blog I enjoyed reading it and will keep coming back to it.

    The Befreiungskriege is such a fantastic period with all of europe arrayed in arms in a small corner of Germany. We have quite far reaching plans for this period so stay tuned.


    Anders the elder


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