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söndag 14 april 2013

Silesian Schützen Work in progress


Recently I have been working on my prussian schützen batalion. After some thinking about what I should use to balance Anders the elders Légère I decided to go for a full skirmish unit of Schützen. I may also field a similar unit of freiwillige Jägers in the future. These are mostly Perry plastics, but the bugler is metal. I figured I should have him since it makes more sense for an independent unit to actually have officers, NCO's and a bugler. There are also some convertions, mainly of the headgear so that they look a bit more unregulated. The officer has got the appropriate golden cord hanging between button and shoulder board.

The things I enjoyed most with this unit were to paint green (instead of dark blue...), to do the red piping (which is not always seen) and the black leather. A welcome break from the blue and grey.

Lägg till bildtext

There is more to come, so stay tuned! Next up from me should be the finished Schützen batalion, and perhaps more on my converted Landwehr...

Kindest regards,

Anders the younger

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