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söndag 24 mars 2013

Springtime startup


After a period of dark swedish winter and a bit of travelling we are back! Anders the elder visited Belgium and France during the winter holidays and I have been in Bavaria for quite some time now. As work and studies continue as normal for the time being, we are back on track with our napoleonics project.

Previously we mentioned some of the projects we would take on starting 2013. I have now basecoated a detachement of Schützen and also started on one more converted Landwehr battalion, and some grenadier skirmish bases. Moreover, there is a fusilier battalion waiting to be put together. Anders the elder has been very productive when it comes to terrain and now once again turns his eye toward the french Légère regiment. We will  order some more miniatures from Perry miniatures by the beginning of next month and I am also interested in some Calpe officers for my prussians.

We will update with more pictures and reports on our modelling, painting and gaming during the coming weeks.

From a cannon outside Port de Halle, Brussel

Cannons outside Port de Halle, Brussels

The Imperial castle in Nürnbergs middle courtyard. Franken, Bavaria.

Anders the younger

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