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fredag 31 augusti 2012

Our work in progress, early september

What ho!

Another update on our work in progress. We have a lot going on!

Glorious mounted prussian officers, still some details left to do.

From another angle, showing the sashes I'm quite satisfied with.

Hussars! Soon to be based and polished.

Here showing the officer with distinct white pelisse, and the freiwillige jäger at his side.

Anders the elders current project. Infanterie Légère! The pompons and plumes are not done as you can see. If I remember correctly I'll be expecting a brigade of these strapping lads.

More prussian musketeers! Soon I will recieve an additional box of Perrys plastic prussians. This means  that I will set up another regiment consisting of two battalions of musketeers and one battalion of fusiliers (light infantry). I lean toward setting up the Silesian regiment.

The colours says it all. These boys mean business! The heads are from the Perry plastic french hussars. As you can see above I used regular oilskin-covered prussian shako-heads for my hussars, which meant that Anders the elder could embellish his flank companies.

A possible setup of Anders the elders divisional command stand. Just to tease you!

Thank you for checking in on us! More to come in the near future...


Anders the younger

7 kommentarer:

  1. Nice to see that you are painting again from the summer hollyday, good work.



  2. Great to see some updates! The légère in particular looks very spectacular.

  3. Excellent looking units! Dean

  4. Very nice! Great painting style, no doubt!

  5. Good to see you guys are making progress. Everything here looks mighty fine. I was actually wondering if you gents have access to reliable sources concerning the Swedish horse-artillery in 1813.


    1. Thank you kindly! I will talk to my friends and colleagues in the reenacment community (artillerists certainly)and at the Army museum to see what I can gather! I'll be back with more information on that.

      Regards, Anders the younger

    2. Thank you Anders, that is very kind of you.


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