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onsdag 31 juli 2013

A guest appearance

Hey everyone!

There has been a long time since we updated the blog and we have both had many things to do during summer. Trips around Europe, work and other leisures have come in the way for further wargame progress. This summer I am also working at the Royal palace of Stockholm, serving His majesty the king, and thouroughly enjoying myself with my cultural-historical work.

Tonight I visited some friends here in Stockholm to play a game of ancient 15mm. Sassanid persians versus Armenians. A battle which started of good (for me and my comrades persians) but ended in an embarrassing defeat for the persian aswaran noble cavalry. Lesson learned: don't underestimate mountain dwelling christians! Anyway, after the game the other guys wanted to know more about our blog here and I showed them what we had done. They got really interested and my own wargaming fire got some more fuel. I really look forward to continuing the work with my prussians when I return up north in Umeå. A weekly painting night or two will do wonders to my growing division if I can find the time between university studies, historical reenacting, outdoor living and travelling. I hope to finish up with a few more units quite quickly so that another nice game of Republic to Empire can be played with Anders the elder.

I may have the time and energy to post something more while I work here in the capital. If not, I will be back in Umeå in mid-august.

Kindest regards,

Anders the younger

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